Kit BiBidet

BiBidet is a kit for a complete intimate hygiene performed with simplicity and complete autonomy. It can also be purchased individually and can be installed on any bathroom fixture.


Intimate hygiene

Customized ‘intimate hygiene’ programs. You can store up to 4 different types of programs.

Certified and guaranteed

Certified according to the main and restrictive world standards. BiBidet is guaranteed two years.

You do not have to move

With BiBidet you do not have to get up from the toilet to use the bidet! You can remain seated on the toilet and wash yourself. In fact, BiBidet can be purchased individually and can be installed on any toilet. Its use is independent from the toilet having a lifter.

Remote control

A complete remote control lets you choose what you want. On request, it can be placed on the right or on the left of the lifter.

You can choose …

• Washing type: perineal area washing or intimate female areas washing

• Type of water jet and play, temperature and time.

• Drying: flow of air, temperature, and time adjustment.

The various functions of the BiBidet also include the use of an ‘Active coal deodorizer’ function to trap and filter bad smells before they release from the toilet

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