Technologies and solutions for the most advanced outsourcing

+40 of experience

Miba was founded in the 70s by the will of the 2 current associates, who, joined by the passion and experience already matured in precision metal carpentry, decided to create their own company.

Since the beginning, MIBA has aimed at professional growth based on the excellence in quality and services offered, always strongly investing in technology and human resources.

Versatile company

A modern, clean, and safe workplace, which stimulates the involvement of employees and encourages them to make their own contribution, always identifying themselves with the company in all its components.

Safety at the workplace and environmental protection are essential and fundamental conditions for the development and the technological and qualitative improvement that MIBA aspires to.

Quality and passion

Today, MIBA manufactures and assembles high-precision metallic carpentry – even with design – for the most varied sectors. The constant evolution of applied technologies and acquired experience, driven by the undiminished passion, allows them to offer a complete range of products and complementary services able to assist, support, and optimize the technical and productive development of customers as well as the ability to provide finished equipment; this is why MIBA is today their most reliable partner.

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