Why PiumaLift?

For those who look for seriousness, transparency, and assistance

Let’s make it easy

The loss of mobility creates many problems. Not only for the elderly or the patients, but also for the families and professional assistants. No support product can completely compensate for the lost mobility. But by listening to the requests of the users, making use of our design skills, and thinking in an unconventional way, it is possible to develop support products and work infrastructures that offer a dignified care solution and a secure work environment for those who provide assistance.

Such solutions also lead to great savings for the total cost of care, because they eliminate cumbersome procedures and therefore reduce the need for staff, but above all they make everyday activities easier for those who need assistance

We are manufacturers

MIBA srl has transferred its expertise in precision technology applied to carpentry and electro-medical equipment to the Piuma Lift division, within which Solleva® was developed, registered at the Ministry of Health as a Class 1 medical device, TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and compliant with the EC directives.

Solleva® is the most advanced toilet lifter, with ergonomically advanced solutions for both the controls and the functionality.

In summary...

The strengths of Solleva®:
– Safe and controlled mobility of the assisted who is accompanied in the sitting in a natural way thanks to the use of a pair of electric actuators
– Power supply with differentiated solutions
– It is quiet
– Solidity of materials and infrastructure stability
– Advanced design
– Ease of use and greater security for the assisted and the assistants
– Adaptability to almost all sanitary fixtures models
– Easy cleaning helped by the materials used
– Anti-dust and anti-scratch paint
– Support and spare parts guaranteed by MIBA srl

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