Who is “Solleva” by PiumaLift for?

Solleva is intended for people with mobility problems, therefore elderly people, people with disabilities, and anyone struggling to sit and get up whatever the causes are: knee, hip problems, etc. (for example, post-operative situations for knee or hip prosthesis), overweight people, or people with heart problems; also, the toilet lifter has proved to be particularly effective for people with multiple sclerosis, or with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

It eliminates the risk of injury caused by manual movement.

How long does the installation take?

Installation in 1 hour. It does not require masonry.

It adapts to almost all of the existing bathroom fixtures.

How much does Solleva by PiumaLift cost?

Solleva’s cost depends on the model and options chosen. For a quote, call us at 059 809911 or write to, leaving us your name and phone number.

How many centimetres do I need on the sides of the toilet?

The maximum width of Solleva when installed is 62 cm; the internal width of Solleva is 40 cm. The depth is 56 cm. To better understand, look at the picture with actual dimensions you find in the product section

How many kilograms can it lift?

Solleva is certified to lift up to 150 kg.

How long does the battery last?

In the ‘Solleva Luxury’ version, you have two Lithium Ion batteries, both of which are included in the price just like the respective charger. A charged battery guarantees 50 to 80 lifts (depending on the weight to be lifted). Recharging the battery takes about 3 hours, during which you can take advantage of the provided second battery for uninterrupted use of the lifter.

How can I tell when the battery is low?

When the battery charge is at 20%, and it is therefore time to charge it, the power LED blinks intermittently. In any case, even with a charge of 20%, about ten lifts are guaranteed.

Is Solleva certified?

Yes. Solleva is EC certified according to the directives.

Is Solleva a medical device?

Yes. Solleva is registered at the Ministry of Health as a Class 1 medical device.

With which VAT rate do I buy Solleva?

If you are not a business and you have a regular statement issued by your general practitioner that you have the requirements to buy at 4%, then your applied VAT will be 4%

Can I put Solleva in my tax return?

Yes. Being a Class 1 medical device, EC certified, it is tax deductible

Is Solleva hygienic? Is it easy to clean? What products can I use?

Solleva’s design has held the hygiene and cleaning aspect in high regard. That is why we have chosen smooth materials and lines that are easy to clean. The metal parts are powder coated, so they are particularly resistant to daily-use bathroom detergents. Do not use aggressive products such as bleach and hydrochloric acid. Clean and dry with a normal soft cloth.

Can I clean Solleva with high-pressure or steam tools?

No. Even though Solleva is sealed in all its parts, and insulated for electrical components, it is forbidden to pour water on the lifter or use pressure or steam tools.

Is Solleva’s lid an accessory?

Yes. The lid is not included. But if you like to close the toilet when it is not in use, the lid is supplied separately as an optional extra.

I already have the lifter. Can I add BiBidet?

Yes. The BiBidet perfectly integrates with Solleva. Remember, however, that the BiBidet can be used on any bathroom fixture with or without lifter.

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